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EP Community

The Empowering Perspectives (EP) community is filled with wonderful, motivated, and inspiring people from around the world.
Every month, we feature one of our members and the story
of their personal and professional journey.  
Always rich with tales of challenges overcome,
by telling the world how they made it through those struggles, 
these speakers inspire others into action. 
Before COVID, we met in person.  
Now, we highlight these inspirational interviews online!
Be motivated! Be inspired! Enjoy these Empowering Perspectives

February 2021 Spotlight

Who are YOU? What do you want to contribute to this world? According to Diana Faison, the answers to these two questions create the compass to guide our career decisions...


October 2020 Spotlight

Health and Performance Coach, motivational speaker, thought leader, author, and President of Immortal Executive, LLC, offering one unique mission: Creating healthy,..


January 2021 Spotlight

Victoria ("Vici") Tanner is a certified and ICF accredited expat life coach. Her practice is dedicated to supporting expat Mums as they look for a sense of community in their expat life,..


September 2020 Spotlight

I was so excited to welcome Terre Short to our Empowering Perspectives meeting this month. Terre is a true adventurer, exploring her individual evolutionary journey.


December 2020 Spotlight

Lauren Flaherty - Life Strategist and Career & Executive Coach - has developed a coaching model that she emulates every day of her life. As both a lifelong thespian and the...


August 2020 Spotlight

On August 18, 2020, I was thrilled to host Booyeon Lee for our monthly EP session. Booyeon is a U.S. Foreign Service Officer currently posted to the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, Japan...


November 2020 Spotlight

Uyanga is a public relations and diplomacy professional with over-nine-years-of experience working for the U.S. Department of State and in non-profit NGO. 


July 2020 Spotlight

On July 21, 2020, I was thrilled to host Mag Boron, the founder and CEO of Pangian - the fastest-growing remote-work community around the world...


June 2020 Spotlight

On June 16, I had the honor of hosting Reza Varzidehkar aka "Reza Vee" for an incredibly engaging and interactive Live Q&A.  


May 2020 Spotlight

On Tuesday, May 19, I was thrilled to host Pueyen Lee, who shared essential insights to help cultivate your Growth Mindset and illuminated how doing so could..

Karen Somers One.jpg

Special Session with Karen

On June 2, I was honored to host award-winning filmmaker and photographer Karen Somers, who dedicated a full 90 minutes of her time to providing both ...


April 2020 Spotlight

On Tuesday, 21 April, I was thrilled to host Christin Reuter as our FIRST online Empowering Perspectives speaker. 

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