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Hi, I'm Laura!

I am a U.S. lawyer who, more than 20 years ago, decided to follow my husband in his career move overseas. In that span of time, I have lived in eight countries spread across four continents and became a mother to two daughters. With each move, with each life change, I had to recreate my professional identity.

Though I am so proud to have chosen to be both an empowering partner for my husband and the primary parent for my children, I acknowledge that periods of the process were frustrating. Despite my incredible love for my family, I often got lost in sad and angry thoughts of what could have been, had I opted to stay in the U.S. and remain committed to my original career goal of becoming an accomplished attorney. 

I eventually came to realize that I had been trying so hard to remain on my intended (i.e. imagined) path, that I had been overlooking the value of the actual road I had been traveling.  


All of my experiences - life, love, travel, parenting, volunteering, working, learning - have been a part of my professional development.  It was more than a journey - it was an evolution.  

What I Do Differently

I guide you in the discovery of your underlying strengths.

I empower you to see the value in every one of your experiences. 

I inspire you to dream...BIG. 

I help you design a plan of action to achieve your new goals.

I stand by you every step of the way.  

How did you come to be here?

This is a question I ask everyone I meet.  I am so curious to know what brought you here, to this place and time in your life.  Did you always know you would end up here? Or would your childhood self be shocked to see where you are now? 

Nine-year-old Laura living in small town Ohio would never have guessed that she would one day be raising a family and launching a new career overseas. Never!


Though I could not have predicted who I would become, I can now see that each step has been both necessary and 

transformative. Looking back, though it may have seemed a random collection of experiences, each phase of my life has served a building block in the creation of the person I am today.  


I am willing to bet that your experience has been similar...

and I can't wait to hear YOUR story! 


That's me, 9-year-old Laura! 

Big, bright eyes, waiting to see what life would bring my way.

What We'll Do Together




Your core strengths

and unique skillset.




Of all of the ways 

to utilize your talents.




A tailored plan to

move you forward.





Calling all



Are you ready

to pursue your 


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