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Our July Speaker

Mag Boron

On July 21, 2020, I was thrilled to host Mag Boron, the founder and CEO of Pangian - the fastest-growing remote-work community around the world with members in 121 countries and 6 continents.

Mag is a self-professed work-life balance enthusiast.  Her biggest passion is to see others reaching their full potential - unrestricted by geographic location.  She uses her great knowledge, experience and energy to advocate for and empower talent around the world to work remotely.

Born in Poland, Mag now lives in the USA and travels the world covering six (6) continents - Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia - and 50+ countries.

Mag’s career spans over 10 years of global leadership and remote work expertise deployed in complex business and technology strategies with $10M+ impact across Aerospace, Retail and Financial industries executed on a global scale (Europe, North America, South America and Asia) for Fortune 500, including Honeywell Aerospace and Wells Fargo.


Mag specializes in hiring for startups and Fortune 500 with focus on developing high-performance global remote teams.

Prior to Pangian,  Mag was a VP, Strategy and Operations – Practices group at Wells Fargo, where she built a world-class Strategy and Operations, Practices team leading the division (800+ team members) through seamless execution and on-time implementation of 6 Global Programs (US, EU, Asia) and was instrumental in communication with the USA federal agencies: OCC, FED and CFPB. She was awarded Wells Fargo Excellence Award.

Before Wells Fargo, Mag chaired SAP Solution Manager Governance Board at Honeywell Aerospace and successfully lead global remote teams (North America, South America, Europe, Asia) in the execution of cross-functional (IT, Finance, Operations, HR) programs. Awarded Top 3% Honeywell Aerospace Performance globally, she was instrumental in increasing security and effectiveness of IT ecosystem.

More than 150 people from around the globe registered for the LIVE conversation with Mag.


Click HERE to watch the recording!


In the hour-long session, Mag walked us through her personal and professional journey from corporate leadership to developer of high-performance remote work teams and true advocate for the remote workforce.  She spoke about highly relevant current trends in and forecasts for remote work opportunities. 


Notably, Mag highlighted that remote work is no longer restricted to the fields of IT, design and development work; rather, more and more employers are expanding their remote staffing. 


In fact, the social distancing requirements of COVID-19 accelerated the growth of the remote work market and Pangian is now leading what Mag has aptly dubbed "the remote work revolution." 


Mag took the time to guide us through both the Pangian platform itself and the new approaches and methods we must employ to get our applications to stand out in this evolving job market.  Employers are now looking very differently at the skills and education required to do a job...and do it well. 

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