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Empowering Perspectives

Our September Speaker

Terre Short

I was so excited to welcome Terre Short to our Empowering Perspectives meeting this month. Terre is a true adventurer, exploring her individual evolutionary journey.  She is a human potential developer who specializes in leadership development and communication skills.  

Terre published The Words We Choose in August 2020. The book covers how to choose words that connect to values and intention. It spans the words we choose for ourselves (the voice in your head), with loved ones, at large in the world, at work, through technology – not spoken, and with a higher power. In


The book provides detailed analysis of the immediate impact that even the smallest words can have on the message we are trying to communicate. Through guided exercises and fantastic real life examples, Terre helps the reader tune into and start making critical shifts in the words they choose. The result? More clear, authentic and heartfelt conversations with anyone with whom we might engage.

Click HERE to access the video recording or HERE for the audio file.  Terre also generously provided a PDF to start our inner work on choosing our words more intentionally.  

Download the FREE PDF: Your Voice is Your Choice


Want to read the first chapter of the book for FREE? Subscribe to Terre's website for access to Chapter 1 of The Words We Choose AND advance notice of all upcoming courses and online materials related to the book.  

With more than 30 years of leadership experience in healthcare, hospitality, and business ownership, Terre shares a wealth of knowledge as an author, speaker, and Professionally Certified Coach (PCC).  

Terre has been a coach in some capacity and an experience expert for her entire career. Through coaching, speaking, and facilitating she has inspired staff, physicians, and all levels of leaders to connect to their why, and to harness the power of empathy and personal relationships. She excels in assessing complex situations/challenges and helping others break them down with clarity into actionable steps. 


Terre is passionate about creating individual learning paths to enhance leaders’ brilliance and elevate their contribution.  Her company,, provides live and online learning opportunities for individuals and groups

Prior to reinstating Short Group, Terre served in corporate healthcare roles for ten years (2010 - 2020), as a high-level executive for one of the largest health systems in the U.S. (HCA), and as a regional director for Huron/The Studer Group. 

Leading up to her healthcare work, Terre had an extensive hospitality management career. For 15 years (1995-2010) she was owner of Short Group, Inc that specialized in leadership development and consulting, including coaching GMs, CEOs and other leaders. In 2001, she began coaching leadership development and service excellence tactics in healthcare for medical practice groups. Her hospitality career spanned many senior leadership positions within Four Seasons Hotels and later Pebble Beach Company. 

Terre credits her broad operational experience for her ability to meet leaders where they are and strike the best approach for maximizing their potential. She is well versed in the evidence-based practices that support proactive leadership and improve both staff engagement and the customer experience. Since 1995, she has spoken for a wide range of organizations, and audiences large and small. She is highly sought after for leadership development forums and spoke at the 2018 Annual Becker's Hospital Review Conference. 

Terre is passionate about bringing out the potential of others through 1:1 coaching and helping leaders improve results through her speaking, and consulting. Topics outlined on Short Group website. 

She and her husband love the outdoors and raised their son and daughter (23 and 22) in Missoula, MT. She and her husband now enjoy the fun and sun of their home in southern California – that is, when she is not on an airplane! 

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