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Our October Speaker

Paul Lewis

Health and Performance Coach, motivational speaker, thought leader, author, and President of Immortal Executive, LLC, offering one unique mission: Creating healthy, resilient leaders - Powerful Performers, who live their potential, and sustain their unstoppable best. 

Pauls' personal mission is to live to 120 years strong. His every action is based on wise words from Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu in the Tao Te Ching: 

"Knowing others is intelligence;

Knowing yourself is true wisdom. 

Mastering others is strength;

Mastering yourself is true power." 


Having spent decades studying both the physical and psychological components of success, Paul Lewis has developed a coaching methodology that empowers his clients to make incredible - and sustainable - transformations.  One of the foundational aspects of his methodology is to teach people how to be present, how to be still...for only when one can be still - truly tuned into the self - can you make great leaps forward.   

In these tumultuous times, cultivating stillness - even temporarily - is the key to building lasting stability and success. This is NOT about meditating.  It is about discovering your personal means of tranquility and flow. 


Click HERE to watch the video recording!


Click HERE for the audio file.

To begin your journey of cultivating stillness, Paul led a 10-minute grounding exercise to help us tune into our bodies and raise our overall awareness.  He agreed to share an audio recording of the exercise that you can listen to whenever you need to reconnect with yourself or detach from outside chaos.  Enjoy! 


Cultivating Stillness Exercise


Paul's coaching methodology is based on his 14 Principles of Success. THIS PDF will guide you through a series of poignant questions and strategic steps you can take TODAY to more closely align your actions with your long-term goals. Even the smallest adjustments can have incredible impact!

More questions for Paul Email him directly at: 

In Paul's words, "When performing at your best you are unstoppable. How often do you wish that you could sustain this state? As a team, we create the dialogue, 1-on-1 physical training combined with professional coaching to create healthy, resilient leaders. Together, we will improve your health metrics, eliminate physical pain, build a stronger body and resilient mind, restore balance, and give you a sustainable competitive edge.

The combination of professional coaching and physical training in each session has proven to bring compelling results. For the past 35 years I’ve worked with executives worldwide, successfully transforming personal and professional health, creating healthy, resilient leaders.

Together, we lock you into success, so it sticks.”


 Where did Paul’s professional passion materialize?


  • Paul is an avid martial artist, beginning from age 8, in Sydney, Australia. Both practice and philosophy defines his martial experiences. He incorporates both in the Immortal Executive learning and practice.

  • Completing studies in Food Technology, Sydney, Australia, Paul utilizes this knowledge, passion, and his science background, to define the most important metrics for High Energy Performance.

  • 14 years living in Israel, Paul studied under the tutelage of Singaporean Doctor Ghimm Mun Lam, opening a pain and injury clinic, and as Head Therapist of a Private Health Club, outside Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Nine (9) years as Director of Athletics and Wellness at an elite, private Health Club, Atlanta, Georgia, Paul developed programs, based on rehabilitation, High Energy Performance, and the connection between physical, physiological, and mental health and performance.


  • Four (4) years in Hanoi, Vietnam (and Asia), Paul developed Immortal Executive, and designed health and performance programs for US Embassy officers and EFM’s (Eligible Family Members) traveling with Embassy Officers. 

“Our Embassy community was so fortunate to have had Paul Lewis at our post to empower us to function at our best and optimize our performance while living in a developing country overseas.  Paul has a contagious energy about him and has been the epitome of professionalism and passion, demonstrating a knowledge level of content and methodology second to none.”

— Ted Osius, United States Ambassador, Hanoi, Vietnam

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