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Empowering Perspectives

Our June Speaker

Reza Varzidehkar aka

"Reza Vee"

On June 16, I had the honor of hosting Reza Varzidehkar aka "Reza Vee" for an incredibly engaging and interactive Live Q&A.  


Reza is a start-up founder, 3rd generation entrepreneur and self-professed adventurer.  He joins the Empowering Perspectives community this month to tell us all about the power of social capital.  


In the Fall of 2019, mere months before the Corona virus struck, Reza decided he would attend 100 Networking events in 100 Days.  Why? Initially, it was an experiment in market research for a new product. He wanted to get his ideas in front of people and ask them what they thought. No sales pitch, no hidden agenda. 


Equipped only with great curiosity and an excitement to see what the networking experiment would reveal, Reza identified 100 events completely unrelated to his profession and signed up to attend.  In the process, he collected more than 1000 business cards and contacts AND...more importantly, an in-depth understanding of how to establish and expand his social capital.   


In Reza's words: "My superpower is my ability to draw attention and connect in a meaningful way through authenticity.  The human aspect of business is often neglected as it is hard to explain with numbers.  I assure you, most magic happens where numbers and charts don't have an explanation for it." 

To read about both his unique networking adventure and his new business venture, please visit his website at 

Want to watch the original interview with Reza?  

Click HERE

Need a replay of the LIVE Q&A? 

HERE you go! 

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The Agenda

Event Goals

Empowering Perspectives was created to enable participants to create connections,

find inspiration and build confidence. 

In this particular session, we will focus on how to establish and expand your social capital -and talk about why it is so important to do so!


To that end, we will take a few minutes at the beginning of the session

for participants to quickly introduce themselves.

Depending on how many attendees are present, this will be done either

verbally or through the chat box.


Pre-Recorded Interview and Live Q&A

Links to both a recorded interview with Reza Vee AND the Zoom room reserved for our LIVE Q&A with Reza will be sent out to you as soon as you RSVP.

Watch the recorded video at your leisure, make a note of specific questions you would like to ask Reza and get excited for the LIVE Q&A when Reza will provide a closer look at the incredible concept of social capital...including an exercise on how you can identify gaps in your network AND take immediate steps to bridge those gaps.  

Conclusion with Takeaways

Laura will wrap up the session with a quick summary of main points and available resources. 

In total, the sessions typically run 60 minutes.

EP Event Registration

To attend our FREE online meeting and/or receive the recording of the session along with all relevant resources,

please provide the information requested below.

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