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Our January 2021 Spotlight

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Vici Tanner


Victoria ("Vici")  is a certified and ICF accredited expat life coach.


Her practice is dedicated to supporting expat Mums as they look for a sense of community in their expat life, and who miss the social, emotional and physical support of their family and friends “back home."


Vici knows first-hand what it’s like to live abroad as an expat Mum. Over the last 16 years, she has re-homed seven (7) times, lived in six (6) different countries, given birth in both Bangkok and Indonesia, developed two (2) different businesses and created a thriving mother and children’s community group.


Her mission is to provide the social and emotional support expat Mums need to parent with confidence as they raise their children abroad (away from the stability of family and friends back home), and enable them to really thrive in their expat life.


This conversation provides a glimpse into her personal journey and gives great insight into the importance of having and the steps she has taken to build community...wherever she is - in life and in the world.

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