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Empowering Perspectives
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5-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge


with Vicky Stacy of ThisMindfulMom

Read on for information about Vicky 

and this 5-Day Meditation Challenge

Vicky Stacy

Vicky is an international educator, mindfulness instructor and mom of three.  She and her family have been living outside of the United States for the past nine years - in three countries.  When she is not teaching or spending time with her family, she can be found at the gym, reading or exploring the outdoors. 


As the founder of This Mindful Mom and a co-founder of the FaceBook community BEAM Mindfully, Vicky is THE person to lead us all in our efforts to expand our minds and, as a result, the number of opportunities that lay before us.


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The Challenge

Event Goals

The 5-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge was inspired by

Pueyen Lee's fantastic presentation at the May 2020 Empowering Perspectives meeting

where she talked to us about her transformative "Me Project."  

Born from the idea that in order to start our own Me Projects,  we need to be in the right state of mind, Vicky created this 5-Day experience to help us all

embrace who we are in the here and now.  

How it will Work

Simply register below to join the 5-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge.  

You will immediately receive a confirmation of your enrollment.  

Beginning Monday, 25 May, you will receive an email every day for five days

that will include a link to a recorded Meditation.

Each Meditation will focus on one of five key aspects of the Power of "I Am."  



Reach out any time! Both Laura and Vicky are on standby to assist as needed. 

Meditation Registration

To participate in this FREE 5-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge, please provide the information requested below.

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